How You Can Enjoy Rock Hall, Maryland, Crabs

Blue crab being held

Have you ever had the pleasure of sitting down at a table and eating a delicious pile of steamed crabs? A trip to the Maryland Eastern Shore isn’t complete without this experience! If you’ve never eaten this seafood delicacy before, you might be wondering where to start. We’re here to help! Keep reading to learn all about Rock Hall, Maryland, crabs 

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Your Guide to Rock Hall, Maryland, Crabs: 

What Are Maryland Crabs? 

steamed crabsYou might be asking yourself, “What makes a crab a Maryland crab?” Good question! Here on the Eastern Shore, our crabs are Maryland blue crabs, and they’re caught in the Chesapeake Bay. The meat from these tasty creatures is used to make crab cakes, crab soup, soft shell crab sandwiches, and more. We’re here to show you how to eat or “pick” steamed crabs.  

When you’re picking crabs, it’s not just a meal; it’s an experience. The crabs are kept whole, steamed, and seasoned with seafood seasoning (Old Bay is a favorite). Then you pick through parts of the crab and take out the sweet, juicy crab meat. Before you begin your crab feast, be sure that you have plenty of paper towels on hand— you’re going to need them! 

When Is the Best Season for Maryland, Crabs? 

The peak season for iconic, blue Rock Hall, Maryland, crabs is April through November. However, the biggest crabs are harvested from September to mid-November. So, when you’re craving some fresh, delicious seafood, this is the time to visit our beautiful seaside town. Join us at Inn at Huntingfield Creek to discover how essential this staple is to the area’s culture. 

Steps for Eating Steamed Crabs: 

maryland crabs1. The first step of your crab-eating experience is to take off its “apron.” This is a flap-like shell that runs along the abdomen. Once the apron is off, dig your thumb into the space under the top shell and pull that off.  

Fun Fact: On female crabs, the apron looks like the United States Capitol building. On male crabs, the apron resembles the Washington Monument.  

2. Turn the crab over and remove the gills and insides. You might also find a yellow, mushy substance during this step. This is often referred to as “mustard.” Some people love it; some people aren’t fans. Give it a try and decide for yourself! Then, break the crab in half. 

3. Twist off the legs and claws. You might find that pieces of meat come off at the end of the limbs; go ahead and eat that. Then, discard the legs and hold onto the claws. Claw meat is some of the sweetest found in the crab! 

4. Crack the claw in half. Many people find it’s easier to use a wooden mallet to do this step. Gently break the claw, bend it in half, and unveil the mouthwatering meat.  

5. Take each half of your crab and break those pieces in half again. Then, get in all of the nooks and crannies and search for that delectable meat. For extra flavor, rub your crab meat along the back of the shell to pick up that flavorful seasoning. 

Try Crabs at These Rock Hall Restaurants 

There are so many local restaurants where you can enjoy delicious Rock Hall, Maryland, crabs. Whether you’ve just rolled off the nearby beach or are finishing up a day of biking, these local establishments are waiting to satisfy your craving! 

Try Crabbing in Rock Hall 

Now that you know how to eat blue crabs, why don’t you try catching some yourself? There are many places that you can go crabbing in Rock Hall.   

  • Public piers and docks – Bogles Wharf Fishing Pier in Eastern Neck Wildlife Refuge, Rock Hall Beach, Spring Cove Marina, etc. 
  • Watermen Heritage Tours 

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