Make Some Plans for Biking in the New Year!

Group of cyclings enjoying a tour like the Vermont bike tours on the Eastern Shore

Did you know that the Eastern Shore of Maryland is an exquisite biking destination – not to mention exquisitely beautiful? So much so, actually, that Vermont Bike Tours brings a tour group through the area each year. 2024 tour dates with Vermont Bike Tours are now open, and they sell out well in advance every year, so we encourage you to grab your calendars and start planning an unforgettable biking adventure. 

Vermont Bike Tours offers tours worldwide, including Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and right here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It’s easy to see why, too, with our flat, rural roads and breathtaking scenery. We’ve partnered with Vermont Bike Tours for years to offer lodging for their tour participants, and we’re excited to do it again in 2024. 

For six exciting days, you’ll experience the best of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay. From delicious seafood and stunning coastal views to fantastic afternoons wine tasting and relaxing poolside at our exquisite Bed and Breakfast on the Eastern Shore, there are few better ways to vacation than with Vermont Bike Tours. If you’ve been longing for a memorable bike ride in a special place, it’s time to book one of the best Vermont bike tours

Group of seniors enjoying Vermont bike tours on the Eastern Shore of Maryland

Plan Now for Vermont Bike Tours in 2024

The Maryland Eastern Shore and Chesapeake Bay tour offered by Vermont Bike Tours is truly exceptional. We’re lucky that a bike tour company with such an excellent reputation and track record for providing unforgettable bike adventures includes our little slice of heaven in their offerings. The tour lasts six days, including arrival and departure, and offers an unrivaled look at the many charms of Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

We’ve long said that this little corner of the world backing up to the Chesapeake Bay is exceptional, and it’s always been something you must see for yourself to understand. Vermont Bike Tours to the Eastern Shore are offered each spring and fall, which just so happen to be extraordinary times of year to revel in the beauty of this area. 

Though these Vermont Bike Tours last for six days, you can expect your days on the Eastern Shore to be leisurely. Each day includes anywhere from 6 – 33 miles of riding, all on our relatively flat and rural roads. That adds up to one to six hours on a bike each day. Each day, you’ll be treated to beautiful views of Chesapeake Bay and our quaint, rural communities. More than that, though, these Vermont Bike Tours will introduce you to our close-knit communities and offer you an authentic slice of life here on the Eastern Shore. 

As you travel with Vermont Bike Tours, you’ll enjoy the many maritime traditions of our coastal towns, feast on our delectable crabs and oysters, and visit protected seashores, marshes, and coastal islands, learning about the vital ecosystems here and their inhabitants.

Apart from offering a beautiful glimpse of places around the world, like the Chesapeake Bay, Vermont Bike Tours are all-inclusive experiences. Your Vermont Bike Tours includes lodging at our Bed and Breakfast on the Eastern Shore (and other local lodging), eleven meals for the week, transportation to/from Baltimore or Washington DC hotels to the Eastern Shore, and your choice of touring bikes.

Beyond beautiful scenery and a stay at our top-rated Bed and Breakfast on the Eastern Shore, other highlights of these Vermont Bike Tours include:

  • A beautiful sail aboard the skipjack HM Krentz, including a feast of local seafood.
  • A stop at the Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge, home to the best birdwatching on the Eastern Shore.
  • A trip on the country’s oldest privately owned ferry (since 1760) across the Tred-Avon River.
  • Visits to the small towns of Oxford, St. Michaels, Rock Hall, and Easton.
A guest room at our Bed and Breakfast on the EAstern Shore - lodging for Vermont bike tours

Tour Lodging at our Bed and Breakfast on the Eastern Shore

Though the daily rides around the Eastern Shore promise to be unforgettable, we think one of the best aspects of these Vermont Bike Tours is the opportunity to stay at our Bed and Breakfast on the Eastern Shore. We’ve long partnered with Vermont Bike Tours for lodging, and it’s something we look forward to every year. 

Our stunning Bed and Breakfast on the Eastern Shore is a true paradise that backs up to the Chesapeake Bay. We offer guests 70 tranquil acres to explore – the perfect retreat away from the busy thrum of life. There are several types of accommodations at our Bed and Breakfast on the Eastern Shore, too. 

Our Inn features five handsomely appointed guest rooms, and we also have seven fully furnished private cottages. We’re just outside the charming town of Rock Hall, MD, where you’ll find plenty of reminders of this area’s maritime traditions. Rock Hall is the perfect destination for chartered fishing trips, sailing excursions on the Chesapeake Bay, coastal history, great local seafood, and so much more. 

Of course, after you’ve experienced our Bed and Breakfast on the Eastern Shore with Vermont Bike Tours, we hope you’ll fall in love with this special place and carve out some time in the future to come back and visit us. We promise, there’s so much more to explore! It’s the perfect place to relax, unplug, and enjoy the quiet charms of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay. Whatever your reason for visiting, it’s time to book your room at our Bed and Breakfast on the Eastern Shore. 

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