Dine Out at These Rock Hall MD Restaurants This Summer

A couple enjoying a meal out at the best Rock Hall MD Restaurants This Summer

There’s plenty of warm sun and fun adventure waiting for you on the Eastern Shore of Maryland this summer. One thing we’re looking forward to the most is dining out at various Rock Hall MD Restaurants, all of which serve up a tantalizing taste of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Of course, many of these Rock Hall, MD restaurants feature plenty of sensational Eastern Shore crabs, considered by many to be the #1 treat of the summer!

One of our favorite parts about dining out at new restaurants while on vacation is getting an authentic taste of a place. That’s precisely what you can expect when visiting our Rock Hall MD restaurants. In fact, given the relatively small size of Rock Hall, you might be surprised to find that the food scene here is quite diverse.  We think there’s a little bit of something for everyone at the top Rock Hall MD restaurants, and we look forward to sharing the best of it with you this summer.

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A women enjoying eating Eastern Shore crabs at one of the top Rock Hall MD Restaurants This Summer

The Best Rock Hall MD Restaurants for Summer

The quirky, charming town of Rock Hall, located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, is best known for its picturesque surroundings, the historic downtown, and access to some of the most delicious seafood around. As with any thriving tourist destination, there’s also a delightful and eclectic range of Rock Hall MD restaurants to sample while you’re here. In fact, eating out at the area’s top local restaurants and trying local delicacies – like oysters in the winter and Eastern Shore crabs in the summer – is one of the best parts of any vacation here!

There’s plenty to keep you busy – or at least as active as you want to be – on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. You’ll need to keep yourself satiated between all of those adventures. For that, turn to the array of Rock Hall MD restaurants, which offer a tantalizing array of locavore eats. If you’re planning for your upcoming summer vacations to the Eastern Shore, here are five of the top Rock Hall MD restaurants to consider.

  1. With exquisite waterfront dining and a hopping dock bar, it’s hard to go wrong with a meal at the award-winning Waterman’s Crab House. It’s rated as one of the best Rock Hall MD restaurants for a good reason! The view, especially at sunset, is almost as good as the fresh Eastern Shore crabs you’ll enjoy here.
  2. The Inn at Osprey Point houses one of the best Rock Hall MD restaurants. The upscale atmosphere is elegant and perfect for romantic evenings out, and the food most certainly will not disappoint. You can even arrive here via boat and enjoy your meal overlooking the picturesque marina.
  3. Another excellent waterfront spot is Harbor Shack. They serve up delicious local seafood and a mix of other menu items, and on Saturday night, there is free live music.
  4. If you’re looking for a great lunch spot or a quick afternoon pick-me-up while in town, it’s hard to beat Java Rock. It’s one of the most popular Rock Hall MD restaurants, and one visit here is all it will take to see why. Don’t forget to take a few minutes to browse their quirky boutique while you’re there, too.
  5. We’re excited about one of the newest Rock Hall MD restaurants to come on the scene, the Blue Heron Oyster House. Their menu features a yummy mix of seafood and sandwiches, and they also offer a fun tiki bar and outdoor games to round out your visit.

Don't Miss your chance to eat Eastern Shore crabs at Rock Hall MD restaurants

Get Your Hands on Delicious Eastern Shore Crabs

Though you can find plenty of delicious Eastern Shore crabs at the top Rock Hall, MD restaurants, it’s worth talking about this local delicacy. Eastern Shore crabs are, after all, a lasting legacy of our water-laced lands. Crabs are such a way of life here in the summer that there’s even a Maryland Crab & Oyster Trail (Oyster season is in the winter).

There’s something delightful about sitting down at a table full of freshly steamed Eastern Shore crabs, ready to crack into this seasonal treat’s sweet, buttery taste. Almost exclusively, the crabs we enjoy here on the Eastern Shore are Maryland blue crabs caught just offshore in The Chesapeake Bay. They’re served in various ways, including crab cakes, crab soup, soft shell crab sandwiches, and simply steamed (often with Old Bay seasoning). We have a fun guide for how to eat Eastern Shore crabs and where you might find some local crabbing this summer here

The peak season for Eastern Shore crabs is summer, with the season starting in April and lasting through November. The biggest crabs are often harvested later in the season, from September to November. Luckily for seafood lovers, as crab season ends, oyster season ramps up.

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