Visit Triple Creek Winery This Summer

Glass of white wine being poured at Triple Creek Winery and other great wineries in MAryland

There are plenty of things to do on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, not least of which is relaxing in the summer sun and feasting on Maryland crab and other fresh seafood. However, summer afternoons are also perfect for wine tasting. There are plenty of fantastic wineries in Maryland to visit, including the Triple Creek Winery on the Eastern Shore.

Triple Creek Winery is just one of the many excellent wineries found on The Chesapeake Wine Trail. The Eastern Shore is home to more than a dozen of the best wineries in Maryland, a visit that pairs perfectly with a relaxing summer escape to our Eastern Shore Bed and Breakfast.

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Middle aged black couple drinking wine at Triple Creek Winery and other great wineries in Maryland

Wine Tasting at Triple Creek Winery

Triple Creek Winery is one of our favorite wineries in Maryland, and it just so happens to be located right here on the Eastern Shore Bed and Breakfast. Triple Creek Winery is about an hour’s drive from our Eastern Shore Bed and Breakfast, so it’s best combined with trips to some of the Eastern Shore’s most popular attractions, like the charming town of St. Michaels.

Triple Creek Winery is a charming, family-run operation owned and operated by four brothers. Their family has a long history in agriculture on the Eastern Shore, so they are familiar with the unique environmental qualities of the area. The results of their wine adventure, which opened in 2015, have reflected their incredible knowledge of and dedication to the area.

Triple Creek Winery has a beautiful tasting room on-site at their Vineyard. It’s a gorgeous place to sit back and relax for an afternoon as you sample their array of wines. Their wines are light and refreshing, and there’s something for just about every palate here. Popular choices include Chambourcin, Chardonnay, and various (yummy) red wines. We have no doubt you’ll leave with a new favorite.

Apart from being one of the best wineries in Maryland, Triple Creek Winery is also a great event venue. They host various events throughout the year, including the Chesapeake Bay Balloon Festival in August, the All American Pro Rodeo, and a summer concert series.

Two glasses of wine, found at lovely wineries in Maryland like Triple Creek Winery

More Wineries in Maryland Worth Visiting

Though we highly recommend a visit to Triple Creek Winery while you’re visiting the Eastern Shore of Maryland, it’s not the only winery in town. There are actually more than 80 wineries in Maryland, including twelve of them right here in the Chesapeake Bay area. The wines produced in this part of Maryland are made specifically to pair well with the incredible seafood we enjoy throughout the year.

As you enjoy the last bit of summer on the Eastern Shore and feast on all of that sensational crab at the best Rock Hall, MD restaurants, don’t forget to do a bit of sipping and swirling at these top wineries in Maryland, too. Below, we’ve listed four more wineries, in addition to Triple Creek Winery, that offer fantastic wine tasting experiences and are within close proximity of our Rock Hall Bed and Breakfast.

  1. Casa Carmen Wines is located in Chestertown and is a boutique family-run winery producing wine and vermouth.
  2. Crow Vineyard & Winery is a working farm and winery. Wine tasting here is lovely, but don’t miss the chance to wander their farm trails and learn more about their business while you’re there.
  3. Cascia Vineyards & Winery is a waterfront winery on Kent Island overlooking the stunning waters of Chesapeake Bay.
  4. St. Michaels Winery, which isn’t too far from Triple Creek Winery, is another excellent place to sip your way through their 18+ delicious varietals.

Wine tasting is a wonderful compliment to the slower, relaxed pace of life you’ll experience on the Eastern Shore. Don’t miss the chance to unwind with us this summer. Book your room at our #1-rated Bed and Breakfast on the Eastern Shore of Maryland today!

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