Kick Off Maryland Crab Season on the Eastern Shore

Blue Maryland Crab on a dock on the eastern Shore of Maryland

Blue Maryland crabs are iconic at dinner tables, backyard barbecues, and gatherings all over the state, but particularly so here on the banks of the Chesapeake Bay on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. While we’ve been greedily feasting on deliciously fresh oysters all winter here on the Eastern Shore, we’re thrilled that Maryland Crab season is finally here. We hope you join us for what promises to be a fun and delicious crab season here at our Eastern Shore Bed and Breakfast!

Maryland crab season kicks off in April every year and runs through November – though the later you get into the season, the bigger and more impressive the Maryland crabs become. Avid fishermen and families come to the Eastern Shore of Maryland to crab in the famed waters of the Chesapeake Bay each year, but you certainly don’t have to go through all the effort to enjoy plenty of delicious, fresh Maryland crab. You’ll find this regional delicacy on most menus at the top Rock Hall, MD Restaurants throughout the season.

Moreover, feasting on Maryland Crab is just one of the many reasons to visit us here on the bay. Of course, there are plenty of great things to do on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, but a trip here also gives you the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind at our leading Eastern Shore Bed and Breakfast. A stay here truly is the best part of any visit to the Eastern Shore, with 70 tranquil acres to enjoy and the perfect blend of casual, upscale elegance. Book your room at our stunning Eastern Shore Bed and Breakfast today!

Maryland Crab presented with a mallot, lemon, and seasoning - the perfect way to enjoy it on the Eastern Shore of Maryland

When is Maryland Crab Season?

We’re passionate about the Chesapeake Bay. From the gorgeous, tranquil environment it affords us and the robust history it brought this area to the deliciously fresh seafood that comes from its waters each year, it’s easy to see why the Chesapeake Bay is such an integral part of everyday life here on the Eastern Shore. In April, the bay brings us one of our favorite treats, Maryland crab. Feasting on crab is a way of life here on the Eastern Shore, particularly during the summer and early fall when Maryland’s crab season really gets going.

When we’re talking about Maryland crab, it’s important to know we’re talking about Maryland Blue Crabs. Specifically, those caught just off the shore in the Chesapeake Bay. They may not look blue by the time they get to your table, but these crustaceans’ signature sweet and delicate flavor is unique and worth trying. They are served in various ways at local Rock Hall, MD restaurants, including in crab cakes, crab soup, soft shell crab sandwiches, and perhaps our favorite method, steamed with traditional Old Bay seasoning.

The sweet, buttery, delicate flavor of Maryland’s blue crabs is legendary, and eating it is a true feast for the senses. From the taste and feel of it in your mouth to the tactile experience of cracking open those shells, there’s a lot to love about a feast involving Maryland crab. In fact, Maryland crab season is so important to life along the Chesapeake Bay that there’s a Maryland Crab & Oyster Trail that you can eat your way down. If you’re looking for the easiest way to enjoy this ocean-fresh delicacy, consider visiting one of the Rock Hall, MD restaurants below. 

The Best Rock Hall, MD Restaurants for Crab

Though Maryland crab season is already underway, we still have an entire summer stretching out before us to enjoy ample feasts of this tender, sweet ocean treat. You’ll find the biggest crabs later in the season, typically between September and November, when we gradually turn our attention to another Chesapeake Bay delicacy, oysters. If you’re looking for the best places to try some Maryland crab for yourself, we recommend one of the following Rock Hall, MD restaurants.

  1. The Inn at Osprey Point houses one of the best restaurants in Rock Hall, MD. The upscale atmosphere is elegant and perfect for a great meal out, and their crab cakes are divine. 
  2. Another of our favorite Rock Hall, MD restaurants is Blue Heron Oyster House. Their menu features a yummy mix of seafood and sandwiches, but their crab centerpiece, featuring 1 pound of fresh Maryland crab, is a true delight. 
  3. Harbor Shack is a casual, fun place to get your hands on some local Maryland crab. On Saturday nights, they also offer live music, and you’ll find plenty of locals enjoying a bite to eat here, too. 
  4. Head to Flying Decoy Bar and Grill and enjoy a variety of fantastic dishes, including fresh, in-season crab. 
  5. Ford’s Seafood offers exquisite, fresh crab, often caught the same day it is served, making it a great choice among local restaurants – especially during crab season!
Crabbing boat at sunrise on the eastern Shore of Maryland, where you'll find the best and freshest Maryland crab

More things to do on the Eastern Shore of Maryland

As much as we enjoy crab season in Maryland, it’s really just a nice backdrop to all the other fantastic things to do on the Eastern Shore. From enjoying time on the Chesapeake Bay itself, whether by kayak or local fishing charters, or simply relaxing at our Eastern Shore Bed and Breakfast, there are myriad ways to enjoy this special place. 

\Below, you’ll find just a few of our favorite things to do on the Eastern Shore in between those delightful meals of fresh blue crabs. 

  1. Explore the Eastern Neck Wildlife Refuge or the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, two of the most popular things to do on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. There are wonderful walking trails here, quiet waters to paddle on, and ample birds and other wildlife to enjoy.
  2. Get out on the water and enjoy a sailing cruise on the Chesapeake Bay. No trip to the Eastern Shore would be complete without some time on the water! 
  3. Is there anything better than soaking up the summer sun on the beach? The Eastern Shore is a great place to do that! Enjoy one of these top-rated beaches on the Eastern Shore.
  4. Biking is another top-rated thing to do on the Eastern Shore. Ever year, we welcome guests riding through the area with Vermont Bike Tours, but there are also plenty of scenic country roads to enjoy in the area.
  5. Enjoy an afternoon of wine tasting at some of the best Maryland Wineries, including the nearby Crow Vineyard & Winery.


Embrace the fun throughout Maryland crab season this summer, and leave yourself plenty of time to relax, unwind, and enjoy the best of the Eastern Shore with us. Our Inn offers easy access to the water and a garden-filled, zen-like paradise to forget about your worries. There’s a reason we’re considered one of the best weekend trips in Maryland. Book your room at our Eastern Shore Bed and Breakfast today!

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