Kick Off Maryland Crab Season on the Eastern Shore

Blue Maryland Crab on a dock on the eastern Shore of Maryland

Blue Maryland crabs are iconic at dinner tables, backyard barbecues, and gatherings all over the state, but particularly so here on the banks of the Chesapeake Bay on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. While we’ve been greedily feasting on deliciously fresh oysters all winter here on the Eastern Shore, we’re thrilled that Maryland Crab season is finally […]

A Delicious Wine-Forward Adventure on the Eastern Shore

Two glasses of white wine and charcuterie at top Eastern Shore Wineries like Crow Vineyard

If there’s one thing to love about summer on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, it’s enjoying the opportunity to slow down and experience life’s simplest and most profound pleasures. That includes indulging in things like wine tasting at places like the beautiful Crow Vineyard. It’s just one of the many great places to sip wine […]

The Best Rock Hall, MD Restaurants for 2023

Feast on Maryland Crab at the best Rock Hall, MD Restaurants

We’re still thoroughly enjoying oyster season here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, but crab lovers, don’t fret. Crab season is just around the corner! Whatever it is you’re craving, you’ll want to carve out plenty of time to enjoy the best Rock Hall, MD restaurants in 2023. Not only are these Rock Hall, MD […]

Visit Triple Creek Winery This Summer

Glass of white wine being poured at Triple Creek Winery and other great wineries in MAryland

There are plenty of things to do on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, not least of which is relaxing in the summer sun and feasting on Maryland crab and other fresh seafood. However, summer afternoons are also perfect for wine tasting. There are plenty of fantastic wineries in Maryland to visit, including the Triple Creek […]

Dine Out at These Rock Hall MD Restaurants This Summer

A couple enjoying a meal out at the best Rock Hall MD Restaurants This Summer

There’s plenty of warm sun and fun adventure waiting for you on the Eastern Shore of Maryland this summer. One thing we’re looking forward to the most is dining out at various Rock Hall MD Restaurants, all of which serve up a tantalizing taste of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Of course, many of these Rock Hall, […]

The Top Maryland Wineries Near the Eastern Shore

Fall is a great time to visit Maryland wineries on the Eastern Shore

Wine tasting may not be at the forefront of your mind when planning a trip to Maryland’s Eastern Shore, but it’s a wonderful way to spend a quiet fall afternoon!  There are several delicious Maryland wineries within easy driving distance of our Bed and Breakfast, too, offering you an outstanding opportunity to sip and swirl […]

How You Can Enjoy Rock Hall, Maryland, Crabs

Blue crab being held

Have you ever had the pleasure of sitting down at a table and eating a delicious pile of steamed crabs? A trip to the Maryland Eastern Shore isn’t complete without this experience! If you’ve never eaten this seafood delicacy before, you might be wondering where to start. We’re here to help! Keep reading to learn […]

Your Guide to the Best Romantic Restaurants on the MD Eastern Shore

Your Guide to the Best Romantic Restaurants on the MD Eastern Shore 3

Our waterfront town of Rock Hall is located in the heart of the Maryland Eastern Shore. When you embark on a getaway to our own, “The Pearl of the Chesapeake,” you’ll be surrounded by breathtaking bay views, scenic parks and beaches, a historic downtown area, and many fantastic restaurants. If you’re looking for the best romantic restaurants on the MD Eastern Shore to enjoy […]

When Is the Best Time To Visit the MD Eastern Shore?


The Maryland Eastern Shore is known for its stunning Chesapeake Bay views, picturesque parks and beaches, fascinating wildlife, and charming seaside towns. We experience every season here, and we love that! It’s always the best time to visit the MD Eastern Shore, and each season is special in its own way. Keep reading and decide which season is perfect for you to plan your […]

You Need To Eat at These Rock Hall, MD, Restaurants Now 

Fresh oysters in a white plate with ice and lemon on a wooden desk

People travel from near and far to experience the magic of the Eastern Shore, and our town of Rock Hall, Maryland, is no different. This area has it all. From gorgeous Chesapeake Bay views to fascinating maritime history, you’ll have an unbelievable time during your visit here. Plus, as a coastal town, we’re known for our outstanding seafood and delectable cuisine. Try some for yourself and visit […]

Planning a Wedding?

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